Pixar-Inspired Tattoo Ideas!

Pixar is best known for making amazing animated movies, filled with cute characters and heartwarming plot lines. And, let’s face it, we’ve all cried at one point or another. Or during the whole WALL-E movie (no, it definitely wasn’t me). No wonder the studios have so many admirers all around the world.

These Pixar movie fans took their love of the movies to another level by inking themselves with their favorite Pixar characters. The list showcases some of the cutest tattoos we could find. pixar-tattoo-ideas-4-577bb4d01e4f4__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-10-577bb4de42f04__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-13-577bb4e6f22bb__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-15-577bb4ee05ba8__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-20-577bb4fb31c7a__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-22-577bb5010accb__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-28-577bb51323791__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-34-577bb5251a5a5__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-36-577bb52b11259__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-37-577bb52e1f149__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-50-577e5173b06be__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-53-577e523dee26c__605 pixar-tattoo-ideas-55-577e535393280__605pixar-tattoo-ideas-37-577bb52e1f149__605

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