What Happens When You Ask The Wrong Guy For Help!

Remember James Fridman, the Photoshop guru who takes requests literally? Well, he’s back! And as you can see from these pictures, he’s still giving people EXACTLY what they wish for.

The master of photo manipulation has over 430k followers on Twitter, which is pretty impressive considering that he’s only tweeted 73 times. But Fridman believes in quality over quantity, and his Photoshop creations are very high quality indeed. They’re also highly amusing, not least because the man has a knack for finding the most literal interpretation of the requests he receives. Want bigger boobs? He can help you with that. How about longer legs? He can help you with that too. In fact, Fridman can pretty much help you with anything, as long as you’re willing to see the funny side.funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-7-5742b4a865697__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-12-5742b4570bbb3__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-14-5742b45b85abb__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-18-5742b465e9197__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-19-5742b468301e6__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-26-5742b47c20d1c__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-27-5742b47f50288__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-30-5742b486c5d3a__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-31-5742b48a3e6f3__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-32-5742b48c72993__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-41-5767926a7f9b0__880 funny-photoshop-requests-twitter-james-friedman-44-5767929706d2a__880

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