Dads Compete To See Who Can Stack More Cheerios On Their Babies!

With Father’s Day on the horizon, dads everywhere are taking the daddest challenge ever. They’re competing to see who can stack the most cheerios on their babies.

The #CheerioChallenge started when a blog called “Life of Dad” posted this picof a sleeping baby with 5 cheerios on his nose. “Can you top 5??? Prove it when you do,” – wrote Life of Dad on their facebook page. Little did they know that the challenge will soon take over the internet. The image received more than 10,000 comments and hundreds of baby pics with cheerios on them.

Patrick Quinn, the founder of Life of Dad, says that he came up with the idea while playing with his 3-week-old baby. He put one Cheerio on his nose and thought it would be fun to see how many he could stack. The rest is history.cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-1-576518fa9d326__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-2-576518fd715ba__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-4-57651900c347e__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-5-5765190282b2d__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-7-576519060512e__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-9-5765190965f0c__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-12-5765190f3c334__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-13-576519111842a__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-14-57651912e72ef__605 cheerio-challenge-dads-stack-cheerios-babies-funny-competition-16-5765191676fc5__605

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