Proud Sausage Dog Poses With Her 6 Tiny Sausages For Maternity Photoshoot!

Beware, pandas – this will make your hearts melt. Just as you thought maternity photo shoots couldn’t get any cuter… Adorable little tail-waggers started taking over. Remember Lilica – the pregnant dog that proudly displayed her baby bump in a photo shoot? Well now a proud sausage dog mother posed with her six teeny tiny sausages in a maternity photo shoot.

Think it couldn’t get any better? Rejoice! The newborn pups are also wearing colorful tiny knitted hats!sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-1 sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-2 sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-3 sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-4

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