Snow Leopards Love Nomming On Their Fluffy Tails!

Snow Leopards can’t roar like other big cats but they have the most majestic tails ever to compensate. Their tails are almost as long as they are – somewhere between 80 to 105 centimetres long! They are mainly used to help them balance, however, they can also serve as a perfect object to OM NOM NOM on!

While Snow Leopards wrap their tails around their noses to protect themselves from cold in their natural habitat (they are Snow Leopards after all), it hardly explains why they’d do that when in captivity. Maybe it’s simply genetic, or maybe they just can’t resist the fluff? Just look at those tails. SO. MUCH. FLUFF.snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-1-573db41177230__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-2-573db41450e73__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-3-573db4178f3f8__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-4-573db41b413a6__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-5-573db41f12327__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-6-573db421e4dba__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-7-573db425463e1__880 snow-leopards-biting-tail-funny-cats-14-573dbaf758f80__880

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