How To Advertise Potatoes!

If you haven’t seen the movie “The Martian,” then it might seem odd to see a DVD placed for sale next to a bin of potatoes. But for those who have, the Albert Bartlett potato company’s deal with Twentieth Century Fox to use Matt Damon’s face and their film to sell tubers is a stroke of genius. The DVD/Blu-Ray even comes with an Albert Bartlett advertisement!

But potatoes and a DVD aren’t the only things you stand to gain by this unlikely union. Spudlovers also have a chance to win a trip to a world renowned NASA facility, where “you’ll be put through paces on their mind-blowing Astronaut Training Experience® program to see if you have the ingenuity, spirit and strength to survive in space!”the-martian-potatoes-advertisement-guerrilla-marketing-albert-bartlett-1 (1) the-martian-potatoes-advertisement-guerrilla-marketing-albert-bartlett-3 the-martian-potatoes-advertisement-guerrilla-marketing-albert-bartlett-5 the-martian-potatoes-advertisement-guerrilla-marketing-albert-bartlett-13

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