Famous New York City Landmarks In Haunting Black And White Photos!

Black and White Fine Art featuring some few of the famous landmarks and historic sites in New York City.

Editor’s note: Dennis Ramos is a fine art photographer who’s known for his stunning black and white pictures. Born in the Philippines, the artist migrated to the United States where he started his career as a photographer. Dennis once said that he’s inspired by light and shapes – illuminated sceneries, people, objects awaken his creativity. Even though he started as a portraiture photographer, later on the artist moved onto capturing the light in landscape photography.DRP_8394-1200-5716341b6462a__880 DRP_8525-1024-57163412225e3__880 DRP_8617-1200-5716340a44a1d__880 DRP_8787-1024-571633ca89ad1__880 DRP_8804-1024-571633dd6f918__880 DSC_5115-1024-5716345b86cf1__880

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