My Friend Went To The Museum And Tried Face Swap, The Result Is Hilarious!

Norwich UK resident Jake Marshall recently took a trip to the British Museum in London where he decided to take a few “face swap” pictures. The results are hilarious, although some users on Reddit wrote in asking if he went to the museum to learn something, or just to have a laugh.

“My girlfriend and I went to the museum on Monday 11th as we were staying nearby,” Marshall says. “I had already used face-swap on a pop vinyl toy I have, so half way around decided to give it a go on the statues. The response to this has been rather crazy. Way way bigger than anything I could have anticipated”9zuwT4T-1-5713b484ac58e__700 63Z24ff-5713b4901a099__700 H8Em2OI-5713b49a5485d__700 ky7ZUnl-5713b4a40d537__700 m5E2WIv-5713b4ae800a0__700 piu4B2k-5713b4b98b2e1__700 pw3wF0h-5713b4c4c596d__700 pWmOEDr-5713b4cd629b9__700

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