Simpsonizing Random People’s Photos To Make Them Smile!

There isn’t so much I could say about myself. Just only that my life was a mess before I started to draw portraits. Now I know that before you try something you never know if this is what you should do.

What a wonderful feeling it is – to draw a caricature portrait. First you look at the photo and smile to the person. Mentally you introduce yourself: “Hey there! You look nice today. Let’s see what distinguishes you from the 7 billion mass of people.” It is also a challenge. Sometimes I spend an hour just looking at people’s faces before drawing them, trying to find their unique features, to guess their temper, to make up their story. All this stuff helps me to feel like they are my good friends, because this is what brings something, call it spirit or soul, to those lines and spots.

After the work is done, I look at it again: “Hello, my little creation! So do I recognize my friend from that photo?”. I always give positivity to my works, because this is what it’s all about.

P.S. The most important part – I’m only interested in creating real life people’s caricatures, not existing characters of the show, which are objects of copyright.I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them4__880 I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them21__880 I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them23__880 I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them26__880 I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them27__880 I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them29__880 I-make-people-smile-by-simpsonizing-them30__880

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