Edible Flower Petals Preserved Inside Lollipops!

Behold the lollipop flower, a rare type of plant species that grows only in the shadows of a particular mountain in remotest Tibet. Ok, so I’m lying. But the lollipops in these pictures below are no less majestic than their make-believe counterparts.

They’re the culinary creation of Janet Best of Sugar Bakers Bakery. The flowers are grown indoors to protect them from bugs and toxins before they’re embedded into the hard candy. The lollipops come in a variety of flavors such as cotton candy and key lime pie, and while the flowers don’t add much to the taste, they certainly make these lollipops a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

“It looks as though I’ll be growing lollipops this year!” jokes Janet. Let’s just hope she plants enough seeds to feed all of us!flower-lollipops-food-art-sugar-bakers-janet-best-2 flower-lollipops-food-art-sugar-bakers-janet-best-9 flower-lollipops-food-art-sugar-bakers-janet-best-15 flower-lollipops-food-art-sugar-bakers-janet-best-21 flower-lollipops-food-art-sugar-bakers-janet-best-24

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